How much do you really love your kids?

Good morning, odd shoppers! In today’s ‘I am my own Grandpa’ department, a 51-year-old woman in Brazil gave birth to her twin grandsons via C-section. Ouch! And you thought you were world’s best grandma because you bought your rugrats an Ipod last Christmas. Apparently, in Brazil, only close relatives can be surrogate mothers, making the question ‘Hey Mom, can you do something for me?’ a rather loaded inquiry. Grandma and boys are doing well; the doctors took the boys out a couple of weeks earlier because the woman had trouble sleeping.

Maybe she should have nabbed a satellite dish and watched the world’s most boring TV program broadcast from Geneva to measure how much energy those new plasma and LCD tv’s use. The program is a 10-minute mishmash of soap operas, sports and nature shows, and makes sense only to those with an incurable channel-surfing habit. It’s probably a good thing that this program is not seen in the US, otherwise it could take the nation by storm as the newest trend in televised weirdness.