Bid on one town, slightly used, in good shape, no shipping

Tired of virtual social networking? Want to create your own real-life community? Then head on over to eBay and bid on the tiny town of Albert, Texas. The miniscule metro has a healthy price tag of $2.5 million, but the seller is including his plan for turning the town into a tourist attraction. The historic little burg comes complete with a dance hall, community center, tavern, and a house for the ‘mayor’ (or dictator, Queen, Big Cheese– rich eccentrics fill in your own title here). So far, Albert has 55 bids, up to $351,000; still far short of the reserve price. Even if you can’t afford to buy, stop by, browse, and take a moment to imagine what you’d do with your very own town. One thing’s for sure, city council meetings would be a breeze.