Korean politician aflush with excitement over toilet-shaped house

Some ideas float to the top, and some sink straight to the bottom of the bowl. A South Korean politician, semi-affectionately known as Mr. Toilet, has been on a one-man mission for years to make the country’s restrooms nicer places to be. After so much public work, however, this Tidy-Bowl man has treated himself to the ultimate water closet: a 1.1 million dollar, two-story, toilet-shaped house. The commode condo will be topped off just in time for the World Toilet Association meeting in Seoul, and Mr. Toilet believes the crowning achievement of his new throne will further the cause of hygiene around the world. According to the U.N., his heart is in the right place, since 2.5 billion people live without suitable sanitary conditions, and the World Toilet Association hopes to squeeze off as many national toilet associations as possible to open communications on the subject of potty talk.

But Mr. Toilet’s bountiful bowl is also his castle; in the center of the house, the master bathroom has glass walls that turn opaque when someone goes in for business, and a motion sensor triggers classical music for the complete experience. With three other bathrooms in the house, it truly becomes ‘a place to solve one’s worries,’ the translated name of the home. Visitors looking to take a peek at Mr. Toilet’s accomplishment can pay $1 for the privilege, while most of us just get free invitations to our own family’s bowl achievements–a call from the other room which usually involves the words, ‘Bring the camera!’