Forget Blockbuster; DVD is Bulletbuster for fireman

The latest in body armor may be shiny, round and completely entertaining. A South Carolina firefighter was spared recently when a stray bullet ripped through his jacket and was stopped by a DVD in his pocket. The wayward ammo sped toward the man as he exited a Waffle House restaurant when two men ran in, fighting over a gun, apparently determined to make hot lead available as a breakfast side dish.

Although the fireman was uninjured, the brave little DVD was nicked in the skirmish, which also destroyed its plastic case. In a perfectly sarcastic world, the DVD would have been a copy of Bruce Willis in Die Hard; in reality, it contained a recording of a show about fire extinguishers, which now can save lives on several different levels.

All this leaves at least two questions:

1. Just how dangerous are the Waffle Houses in South Carolina?

2. If you make armor out of DVDs, how do you plug the center hole?