Science strikes again: people love doughnuts

Mmmm, doughnuts.

Next time you feel that you simply can’t resist one of those fluffy, sweet delights, science has your back. During a recent study at Northwestern University in Chicago, scientists discovered that volunteers’ MRI scans lit up like the ‘hot’ sign at a Krispy Kreme when shown pictures of doughnuts, but didn’t have the same reaction when shown pictures of everyday items like a hammer, which isn’t nearly as tempting when covered in icing and sprinkles. After the subjects had a chance to pig out on the sugary treats, their brains no longer responded in the same way. Scientists determined that the brain is easily able to determine relevant needs, and even reacts to the fulfillment of those needs.

So whether you react to a yummy plate of doughnuts or a killer grizzly loose in the office, it’s all in your head, literally.