No treasure in secret room, just mold

When a couple discovered a secret room behind their bookcase, they could have found a cache of stolen cash, a couple of bodies, maybe even some rare and valuable books. Instead they found mold, including the nasty toxic stuff, and a note that read ‘You found it.’ The ominous note was left by the previous homeowner, whose own family had fled the house because of mold-related illnesses, leaving it to the bank. After being told by their doctor to get out of the house immediately (although no one knows if he said it in a deep, menacing voice), the homeowner said he left the note in the secret room where only the new owners would find it, because he was afraid that real estate agents would throw the note away in pursuit of a few green, fuzzy bucks since de-molding the structure would take as much moolah as the house was worth.

As the chain of ownership took on Amityville Horror-like proportions, the new homeowners did something you just can’t do to ghosts: they sued. Another things ghosts can’t do: pay up. The federal mortgage assocation Fannie Mae bought the house back for its original price in exchange for being dropped from the lawsuit. The suit continues against the real estate company, however.

Mystery writers take note: the secret killer room behind the bookcase has been stopped, but for how long?