Want some fries–and inner peace–with that?

One McDonald’s in California is aiming to give diners a truly Happy Meal by redecorating the restaurant using feng shui, an Asian art of promoting good feelings and prosperity by shopping at Pier One.

The babble of Grimace has been replaced by a babbling water feature, and Ronald’s circus-spinning red and yellow decor is now calming earth tones, all designed to foster happiness and fortune for their customers. While there’s no official word on how many more bathroom breaks are needed due to the tinkling water-and-glass fountain, some customers do admit to visiting McD’s more often to enjoy some inner peace with their apple pie. For those who scoff at the power of the feng shui redo, think about this: the new theme is indeed bringing happiness and good fortune–to the McDonald’s owners.

Customized themes are nothing new for the chain; in the hometown of WeirdIt’s ninja monkeys, our Golden Arches are set apart by a large, pink Victorian home theme. Just an hour down the road, another McD’s is topped off by an actual airplane on the roof.

But whatever the design, be it plastic molded furniture or expensive leather seats, the actual needs of the average McDonald’s customer are few: hot fries, cheap food, and for the lucky ones, Wi-fi. Now that’s happiness and fortune.