But does he do windows?

Really, who hasn’t wanted to do this? An Alabama couple returned home after a trip to find their house burgled, and the few possessions left scattered in piles. While still reeling from the shock, they found the burglar still in the home, wearing the husband’s hat. The husband held the less-than-bright thief at gunpoint, making him clean up the mess he had made in the house. When the police arrived, the thief had the nerve–or lack of brain cells–to complain about his forced foray into housework, but the cop had no pity, telling the unhappy housekeeper that most other people would have just shot him dead instead of making him undo the dirty work.

Perhaps the gun-toting taskmaster would be willing to freelance beyond protecting the dignity of his family, boosting the helpfulness quotient of rude salesclerks, and making customer service people actually help callers with their problems. Ah, we can dream.