Forget biting; dogs shoot man

Every year or so, we see a story like this pop up: hunter goes out with dogs, hunter props gun up on tree or some other precarious place, hunter then walks in front of gun, dogs see their chance, and hunter goes down like an eight-point buck.

Okay, so this year it was during a pheasant hunt, but it’s good to see that the dogs are finally getting organized. They didn’t kill the hunter, just wounded him with a leg shot, but it was probably enough to get taken home so they could couch out and have some kibble.  The increase in successful hunter hits could be attributed to better networking; perhaps a doggie newsletter, or the canine equivalent of MySpace and Facebook, which would be MySniff and, well, the other end of the book. Until we have a list of their demands, the dog-on-hunter violence is likely to continue, so just remember this:

1. Be good to your dogs.

2. Don’t walk in front of the gun barrel, idiot.

If you forget to give your puppy plenty of walks, treats and attention, and your ammo starts disappearing, hey, you were warned.

Even Fido knows to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’

Channeling a 1970s PSA, Jackson, a 150-pound Newfoundland, has officially earned the title of ‘Wonder Dog’ after keeping a cool head during a house fire. The dog jumped into the tub, pulled the curtain closed, and figured out how to breathe through the drain until help arrived. The family, having already been through some rough times (including having the house catch fire) said that Jackson is part of the family, and losing him would have been unthinkable. Even the fireman stated that the dog somehow figured out an ‘old school’ fireman’s method for survival. Guess someone has just earned a lifetime of Scooby Snacks and belly woogies.