Get a life….on eBay

Tired of your daily routine? Buy a whole new life from one man in Perth, Australia. Ian Usher is packaging up his life after a heartbreaking divorce and selling it all, from his ride to the knives and forks in his kitchen drawers, and even his job, on eBay. The jilted Aussie is offering up all his material possessions, and a few non-tangibles, such as his friends, who have promised to like the purchaser of Mr. Usher’s life just as much as they like Ian, which is either a stunning demonstration of loyalty, or a case of ‘meh, we were ready to replace you, anyway.’

The three things this man wants to walk away with at the end of the deal? His newly fattened wallet, his passport, and a story, which he would also be willing to sell to Hollywood.

Fanboys, start saving your pennies to get out of that basement, because Mr. Usher hopes to clear at least 500,000 in Australian dollars with the sale, which begins on June 22. He’s even offering a preview of the livelihood goods at