What a shock: people believe in ghosts and UFOs


The AP just released a story stating that one-third of people polled believe in ghosts. They also offer up lots of other not-so-revealing statistics from their questioning of just over 1,000 people with nothing better to do, like men and poor people are more likely to see a UFO. More urban than country folk are superstitious, and the most often-picked superstition is to pluck a four-leaf clover. No data was available on how many UFOs a clover-picker sees, but it’s unlikely to be very many, since they are looking down most of the time. Also, how do urban myth-believers find four-leaf clovers?

Three in ten people have awakened to the feeling that a strange presence was in the room, and oddly enough, most of them were single. No surprise, really, because 100 percent of married people will wake up occasionally and feel a strange presence. It’s more wishful thinking for lonely souls and a simple realization of truth in the wee hours for those betrothed.

We shouldn’t be shocked that more people believe in the supernatural. We’re told to believe in flesh-eating viruses, sheep cloning, satellites that can tell if you’re wearing a bra, and the wacky world of politics. An occasional ghost now and then is likely to be the most normal part of our day.