Which came first, the chicken or the underwear?

The typing monkeys here at WeirdIts love a good weird news story, and nearly dropped their Shakespearean manuscripts when one story came across the net with a headline too good to be true.

The headline? Underwear chicken dare puts man in hospital. Immediately, all minds were spinning, thinking about the different ways a man could be injured by shoving a chicken in his underwear, or making a chicken wear tighty-whiteys. And what about feathered thongs?

Everyone howled as the text revealed an ordinary story about an Australian man who ran out into the road in his Underoos and got smacked by an 18-wheeler. Not good, but not that unusual, really.

The monkeys liked the imaginary version better, and take their tiny hats off to that Reuters reporter with a divine sense of the weird.

Fowl play brings lost bracelet back after twenty years


A Minnesota meat locker may not seem like Oz, but one man went off to see the gizzard and re-discovered his identity– or at least his I.D. bracelet, lost on his grandfather’s farm when he was just a wee tyke and forgotten to the wings of time. The bracelet turned up again last week when a meat cutter sliced open a chicken gizzard and discovered the apparently hen-pecked jewelry inside. Rather than being reduced to illegible scratches, the name, address and phone number were clear and readable, giving the finder plenty of info to track down the bracelet’s owner through his family more than twenty years after it hit the dirt in the barnyard. CSI (Chicken Science Insider) techs theorize that bracelet was trapped in the debris of the old family barn when it was scrapped, and the wood was used to build a new barn, giving a gold-digging hen the perfect opportunity to score some bling. When the meaty bird met her end, the bracelet re-emerged into the light of day with one fell swoop of the knife.


So, which came first, the chicken or the identity theft? Only the nugget whisperer knows for sure.