Show some ink for monkey love

It’s animal attraction day here at Weird Its, with the soap-opera worthy story of Sibu the Orangutan, located at a primate park in Amsterdam.

Seems Sibu is refusing the lady charms of fellow orangutans, and trying to save all his monkey love for hot, blonde tattooed women keepers. Apparently the blonde female fetish isn’t unusual for orangutans, according to a spokesperson, although the twist with tats is new. Keepers have an inkling that his preference for inked skin came from his childhood, and the intensely tattooed woman who cared for him.

So, ladies, it’s the same sad story: a big, hairy dude with a mommy complex. The only primarily primate girl the 31-year-old Sibu has shown a spark for lives in England, and he’ll be reunited with his British babe sometime in the future.