Aussie busted for beer buckling, boy bouncing

Americans are definitely trend-setters, even when it’s wrong: just a few short months ago, the Weird Its monkeys popped open the story of a Florida woman who strapped in her beer, but not her baby. Now, an Australian man has been fined for securely belting in a 30-can case of brew in the back seat between two adults, but leaving a five-year-old boy loose in the vehicle’s rear floor.

The man was fined $750 for driving an uninsured car and failing to make sure the child was wearing a seat belt.

In the AP story, the arresting officer claimed that this was the first time he had ever seen the safety of booze considered over the well-being of children. Hmm, must be new on the force.

Free beer for crime-stoppers!

Anxious over the theft of a laptop, a New Zealand brewery has offered free beer for life (actually, about 12 bottles a month for life) to anyone who can point out the light-fingered Louie. Although the company has back-ups of the lost laptop’s info, they still would like to bring back the lost bits and bytes since several files include up-to-date sensitive info regarding designs, financial statements and contracts. In a related story, brew-craving mobs have hit the streets in New Zealand, checking out all laptops (not really, but it would be cool); however, odds are good that the thief himself (or herself) will try to claim the refreshing reward.