Sun-powered hooters on eco-edge of weird Japanese fashion

Whoa, girl, dim those headlights! A Japanese company has designed a solar-powered bra with enough sunny volts to power an iPod or cellphone. The light-loving lingerie looks a bit like a shag-carpeted robot done in global warming green, and instead of a tummy control panel, there’s a detachable solar panel. But all that sun can leave a girl thirsty, so the bra comes equipped with plastic drink pouches which can store water, and, we presume, increase a diva’s cup size.

While the bra gets points for eco-thoughtfulness, some functions, like the built-in water pouches, still need a bit of work. (Hey, hon, where’s that straw going, and why are your boobs gurgling?) But this is a concept of cutting edge fashion, and the developers still have a few bugs to work out, like the fact that the bra doesn’t work when it’s worn under your clothes, and it can’t stand up to rain. But hey, this could herald the return of sensible undies;after all, which would generate more sunshine juice, some skimpy thong, or a nice, wide pair of powerful granny panties?

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