Blind man beats down burglar

After the TMI phase of New York’s Governor Paterson, it’s nice to see the legally blind population get back some respect—even if they have to beat up someone to do it.

A legally blind Indianapolis man recently ran into—literally—an intruder in his home. He cornered the bungling burglar in the laundry room, and then pop-topped a can of whoop-ass upon the alleged criminal. The ‘victim’ then dragged his sighted prey into another room by the belt, and held a knife to his throat while he called 911. Apparently the ‘beating up’ portion of the experience was the easiest, because he admitted it took about 20 tries to successfully call 911 since his fingers had trouble finding the buttons.

Police praised the sight-challenged hero for being able to defend himself and actually collar the perp, and the light-fingered interloper was taken to the hospital, where he insisted he wasn’t in the man’s house to rob him; he was looking for a pussycat; a story the home owner found unconvincing, to say the least.

Dude, the man was blind, not stupid.


One response to “Blind man beats down burglar

  1. When my Dad was in the Philippines there was a charcoal artist who drew the most beautiful drawings. He had no hands. The piece of charcoal was tied to his stub. If that is not talent I don’t know what is.

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