Woman buckles up beer over baby

Calling Mommie Dearest: When a cop pulled over a Florida woman for running a red light, he noticed two things: a 24-pack of beer was securely strapped into the passenger’s seat, and a 16-month-old free-range toddler was in the back seat, unsecured.

When the officer asked why the baby was without a car seat, while the beer was protected from oncoming impact, the soused driver gave no explanation.

“I don’t know,” she told the officer.

The tiny tot was with her 20-year-old mother in the back seat, although news accounts don’t specify if the driver was related to the mother and young daughter. The drunken beer-belter was arrested, and charged with child abuse and DUI among other charges. A $31,000 bail was set, but there’s no evidence that the protected 24-pack offered to put up the lira to loose its loving master, or even visited her in jail.

4 responses to “Woman buckles up beer over baby

  1. You know, I heard this story on the news this morning but it was just the segue into it. All I heard was something along the lines of ‘this woman strapped something into a child seat, but it wasn’t a child, find out next.’ Being completely facetious, I said she buckled her drink. I never heard the rest of the story. D’Oh! Looks like I’m a good facetious guesser!

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