Forget fleas: have some monkey-picked tea

From the weird products department:

For those who want tea with a tail, out of China comes Monkey-Picked Tea. Apparently, having monkeys pick your tea was all the rage just a few centuries ago. Now, the monkeys have better employment opportunities, like Hollywood and showing up college students. But in one remote Chinese village, trained monkeys still pick wild tea leaves for a unique blend that hopefully has nothing else included in it, a thought that is emphasized after one visit to your local zoo’s monkey house. (Don’t have a monkey house close by? Find the nearest gathering of politicians.)

The label states that the monkeys are not mistreated or harmed in any way to gather the delicate tea leaves, and are in fact honored members of the village families. Perhaps after the WGA solves its strike, a few representatives might think about flying over to China and getting the monkeys interested in a union. No, wait, the executives are probably already there, with a shipment of typewriters, hoping to get the next television season sewn up.

This loose tea has been proclaimed delicious by ThinkGeek, who sells Monkey-Picked Tea on their wonderful, gadget-packed website. While $25 is a bit steep for the Weird Its ninja monkeys just for a caffeine buzz, it’s the perfect smart-ass Valentine’s gift for the tea snob close to your heart.

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