My chimp is smarter than your college student

From the Only-In-Japan department: recent tests between three young chimps and a dozen humans who should have known better proved that the chimps scored higher in short-term memory exams. The MENSA-ready monkeys were taught numbers 1 -9, then tested on a timed memory test at Kyoto University. In three different levels, humans could only tie with the chimps; on the third and fastest level, the chimps crushed the competition, able to remember where the numbers appeared on the screen after just seeing the images for two-tenths of a second. Three students couldn’t catch up to their brainier DNA half-brothers, even after six months of training. The researchers believe that chimps can take in the whole pattern of numbers with a single glance, giving them the edge on the number crunch. Youth may have also been a factor, mentions the scientists, so next time, it’s chimps vs. children to prove that they are, indeed, smarter than a 5th grader. After that, the chimps will be dressed up in little suits and given jobs in television programming.

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