Ticket this: Man blows away traffic camera

Ah, hunting season. Where any man can go out on the street with his rifle, and bag a tasty traffic-cam for dinner. Mmmm, good eatin’.

In Knoxville, Tenn., one man just couldn’t take all those red lights flashing back and forth, and pumped at least three shots into a camera positioned at an intersection. Police didn’t even need the pre-Dirty Harry tape evidence to find the suspect, since patrol officers heard shots and discovered the gun-toting video vigilante leaving a parking lot in his….minivan. After arresting him, the police, being good Southern boys, probably also told him that his social status had been knocked down several pegs for hunting without a pickup truck. Where do you put the gun rack in a minivan?

The man refused to tell the authorities why he shot the eye in the sky; records show he’s never been ticketed from this intersection, so perhaps he just thought it would look good on the wall, right next to the singing fish. If convicted, he’ll pay a fine and lose his gun. Which, honestly, isn’t a bad thing.

Our current hunting season scoreboard: Dogs-1, Lug nuts-1, Traffic cams-0, Idiots-way too many.


3 responses to “Ticket this: Man blows away traffic camera

  1. LOL When I lived out in the boonies I’d run across one-stoplight towns with their one stoplight blown out from some dang fool using it for target practice. I swan, hon, some folks have no sense at all, do they?

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