Hey buddy, wanna buy a bridge? How about some cookies?

It’s topsy-turvy bargain day, just in time for holiday shopping madness. Ever have someone make fun of your emotional pain by telling you to build a bridge and get over it? Now you’ll have the last laugh: the Kickapoo River bridge in Wisconsin is for sale, and the asking price? A whopping one dollar. The bridge hasn’t been used in over 30 years, and safety-obsessed authorities are worried that crossing the bridge will cause it to collapse in the river. If someone buys it, however, it becomes someone else’s problem, right? Right. Actually, the dollar-minded denizens hope that someone will pay the buck and haul the casualty crossover away for scrap. A similar plan backfired when the potential bridge-buyer backed out at the last minute, perhaps because he found a better deal in Brooklyn. While the bridge, built in 1910, could just become molten metal somewhere, a better idea would be to slap down a dollar and turn it into the ultimate lawn ornament. Nothing says ‘get off my property’ like a bridge you can’t cross, and it would be the perfect accessory for any evil genius’ lair. Or, you could simply bring out a friend, say ‘here’s my bridge, you get over it,’ and let the hijinks ensue. Cheaper than therapy.

On the other end of the spectrum, or bridge, is a tin of cookies. A cookie tin, filled with 1920s era treats, sold for $32,000 in London. The swanky cookie-carrier, shaped like a car, actually had tiny electric headlights, a driver and a passenger. Why these tiny people were carting around a car full of number, letter, and animal-shaped cookies remains a mystery. Before you get excited and seal up that giant holiday tin of popcorn decorated with playing puppies, remember that this was an unique item, preserved in near-mint quality, right down to the biscuits. Even stranger than the price tag is this thought: some kid received a cool car filled with cookies, and didn’t touch it? Weird.


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