Romance alive, well and online in New York

If there weren’t a writer’s strike on, this would already be in first draft for a movie: strangers catch each other’s gaze across a crowded train, tiny violins play, then she steps off and he loses her. . . until he starts a website to look for her. On Nov. 4, a 21-year-old web designer eyed a lovely young lady, fell into love at first sight, then lost her to the crowd. Not giving up, he drew a basic sketch, gave his info, then threw together a website, asking for the city’s help in finding the girl of his dreams. Within a week, he was overwhelmed with phone messages and e-mail, including propositions from other girls, until someone contacted him with the identity of the potential love of his life, who turned out to be an intern working for a magazine in Manhattan.  So, did the whirlwind approach work? The young man, finding his lass, has turned coy after all the media attention, asking people to think up their own endings to a potential online Cinderella story. In keeping with his request, what do you all think? How will this story end for the dashing internet Romeo and his fleeing Juliet?


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