Artists truly living in hole in the wall

While someone’s couch is often the harbor of last resort for many artists, a few got together and created a secret apartment in a mall parking garage in Rhode Island. How cool is that? I admit I love the idea of unusual living spaces, and I give these guys a standing ovation for combining hidden performance art with a roof over one’s head.

They built a wall to hide the digs, which were furnished and even had a video game system.  After four years of the good life (some leases don’t even last that long!) they were busted; after a trespassing charge, the apartment will quietly fade away, but I’ll bet that their sectional sofa will show up again in a space you wouldn’t expect. Wal-Mart stockroom, anyone?

2 responses to “Artists truly living in hole in the wall

  1. I heard about this but still don’t understand what kind of art they do. But, I do admire them. I wonder if they will get jail time?

  2. The leader received probation, although no mention of the type of art the co-op produces. One interesting note, however: a burglar found the hideout last spring and stole the video game system.

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