Toe in the water

Welcome to the first post of Weird Its, a blog for the strange, odd and weird happenings of the day. Here you’ll find more than just weird news; whatever comes across the bizarre path is fair game, from photos to things that just make you say ‘Huh?’

If other news and editorial sites provide the meat and potatoes of your internet dinner, consider Weird Its as the vending-machine size bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that you keep stashed under the couch–it’s something you can’t resist, but you’ll need something for your stomach afterwards.

Let’s jump in the lake and go for a swim in some weirdness! Okay, maybe we’ll just stick a toe in the water, especially after hearing about the brain-eating amoeba killing six people in the south.

Scientists hint heavily that the nasty little lake devils with zombie appetites are growing in number because of global warming, and the fact that guys are more likely to get the critters up their nose, either because they’re showing off for the girls, or because of a built-in ‘Hey, y’all, watch this’ factor. Either way, it’s not quite an epidemic at 23 deaths in nine years, but I predict a boom in the noseplug industry within the next few years.


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